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The Family Immersion Trip
to Spain

Learn Spanish & enjoy a vacation in the European capital in 3 steps. 

1. Children go to camp 2. Adults explore the city 3. The whole family enjoys a daily plan

Cold Cuts

1. In the morning, adults indulge in Madrid's cosmopolitan city life

Every little nook in the city invites travelers to live like locals. Easy walks to enjoy a culture around market cuisine. 

Museums, boulevards, and shops for days of cultural entertainment. 

School Children

2. Kids attend an immersion camp to boost their fluency 

  • Children attend a 20-hour week camp

  • 100% immersion model

  • The course is focused on communication

  • Spanish Dual-language students expand their language skill-set 

  • Beginner/intermediate students develop a native-like foundation

City Center

3. In the afternoon, a family plan to enjoy the city together

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