VDS VIRTUAL Dynamic School


We have had amazing experiences at this after-school program.

My kid improved her Spanish fluency after just a couple of sessions. Also, their support to families during the pandemia was extraordinary, we received a free video lesson per week without fault, for the first months with fresh videos and interactive play,  who managed to engage the attention of my little one.

We highly recommend EDS My Classroom.


Lina Dorado, Los Angeles


 Virtual Dynamic School 


Our effective methodology keeps kids engaged and interested in learning. In small groups, children enjoy a dynamic learning environment and improve their skills. It gives kids the opportunity to practice more Spanish. They listen to native teachers and interact with peers in the target language. 

Virtual classes tend to be unidirectional which is a challenge to learning a language. 

We implement an academic curriculum, so kids develop language fundamentals and grow their language proficiency.

Virtual Camps

This Winter, enjoy a dynamic Camp experience, with creative activities and play-based language practice. 


  • SMALL groups for more interaction with peers and the teacher

  • Native trained teachers for accurate language acquisition

  • Kids organized following their age-group 

  • Academic-based Curriculum

  • Fun Creative PROJECTS: Cooking and Crafts every day!


You may choose the right one based on the level of proficiency!


Ideal for advanced and bilingual students.

In full Spanish immersion mode (the teacher only speaks Spanish during the class), kids love this small-group dynamic Camp to improve their proficiency. We focus on leveled-academic areas of the language with our signature cooking class fiesta!

- Comprehension and speaking

- Writing & Spelling


- Cooking Class!


Beginner to intermediate 

Kids learn easily while having fun! Small-groups to gain confidence. Play-based activities with our signature COOKING class fiesta!

- Vocabulary building

- Quickly gain expression & phrases


- Cooking Class!

Spanish is Fun! Class

This setting is great as a weekly option to interact with other students. Small groups allow students to stay engaged and participate. 

Spanish is Fun * Holiday edition

Children love this entertaining class. They get to improve their use of Spanish vocabulary quickly! With fun activities in a small group setting that allows everyone to participate. This is the Special HOLIDAY Edition, with crafts and games to celebrate the Season!

Immersion Speaking Class for bilingual kids

This class is designed to enhance the SPEAKING SKILLS of students, in a small engaging group.

Students will learn through a creative academic-based curriculum with hands-on projects, games, dialogues, and storytelling.


Everyone has their own unique strengths. Our methodology helps them gain confidence, and is based on working with each student to strengthen their skills and to guide them in a one-on-one setting. 


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