Children thrive when they get the tools they need to learn.


With undivided attention, instruction and practice, they advance and succeed.

Our great teachers bring our methodology to the students and help them achieve their academic goals while making the enjoyable.

Mother and Daughter at the Table


Engaging classes, from the comfort of your home.


EDS My Classroom

Academy in Venice



For your convenience, our teachers will come to your home. 


Spanish Language

One-on-one classes help develop language skills.

EDS Spanish Tutoring classes are great for:

  • Quick progress

  • Build a foundation

  • Develop speaking fluency

  • Strengthen literacy skills (reading/writing)

All Subjects Tutoring 

Our teachers help students strengthen and develop their skills, knowledge, and the strategies required to succeed in any subject.


  • Early literacy/ Emergent readers

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Homework support

  • Test prep