Master your language!


One on one classes are designed to fulfill the needs, level, and expertise of each student.


With these sessions, students will:


  1. Master the GRAMMAR FOUNDATION of the language 

  2. Boost their LITERACY (writing and reading)

  3. and fortify the overall FLUENCY and communication skills.

  4. Deepen their understanding and knowledge of the CULTURE and heritage

All subjects

Academic Tutoring


Master your skills!


Our excellent EDS tutors will connect with the student, get to know him/her, and tap into his/her potential.

Identifying the specific areas of struggle, what explanation/information/logic was missed, the tutor helps the student overcome them by using his or her strengths, and previous knowledge. Once the "aha moment" is achieved,

with the right practice, there is no going back from that mastery.


Students gain confidence and develop specific skills, knowledge, and strategies required to succeed in any subject.


Early literacy

Emergent readers

Writing workshop



 Social Studies

Homework support

Test prep

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