Lina, mom of Sarita, 5 years old

We have had amazing experiences at this after school program. My kid improved her Spanish fluency after just a couple of sessions. Also, their support to families during the pandemic was extraordinary, we received a free video

lesson per week without fault, for the first months with fresh videos and interactive play,

who managed to engage the attention of my little one.

We highly recommend EDS My Classroom.

Arlene, Mom of Mary, 3 yrs

Enrolled my 3 yr old daughter and she's having a WONDERFUL time. They are super warm, share lots of updates about how my daughter's day went, and very much make my daughter feel welcome and cared for. I am also really impressed by the facility, which is absolutely delightful and immaculately clean. Highly recommend EDS My Classroom!!!

Linda, mom of Maisa and Zaki, 5 and 7 yrs

My 5-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son know very little Spanish, but the teachers at EDS have engaged with them and inspired them so much that they are now filled with the love of the Spanish language --and especially love going to EDS.


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