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Welcome to EDS 2021 CAMPS


Image by Alison Marras



Camp Days


Living in Southern California we are well aware of how speaking Spanish is a LIFE SKILL. The research concludes that learning a second language has also many COGNITIVE, and SOCIAL BENEFITS. 

EDS offers a camp with a well-balanced ACADEMIC-based schedule to learn Spanish through fun engaging activities, and language practice. Plus, TIME TO PLAY and bond with peers. An overall experience for kids TO ENJOY AND  THRIVE!


With SMALL GROUPS, a curated academic curriculum, and well-thought activities that kids love. The STUDENTS INTERESTS, LIKES, AND TALENTS REMAIN at the core of our planning and drive our organization.


Ages 2-13.

Our activities are organized to serve these groups:

2-5 yrs. -  Chikitos Club

6-9 yrs. - Olé kids

10-13 yrs. - Muchachitos



We provide age-appropriate and differentiated content following the language skills of the campers and multiple opportunities for meaningful Spanish language practice. The lessons are carefully designed and the vocabulary selected to provide an academic foundation for the projects.



We believe in CREATIVITY as a vehicle to explore self-expression, and promote confidence. Our daily activities include:


  • VISUAL  ARTS & MUSIC. Projects, Storytelling through comic, Acting, Puppet shows, pop, and traditional music and songs.

  • MOVEMENT to exercise, stretch and balance all of that energy. Dancing, dynamic games, and yoga.


Social Skills

With care, we support each child's unique TALENTS and provide group dynamics to bolster their social skills. In a safe fun environment. We learn how to play together, work together, be together


Qualified Teachers

Our team of native-speaking teachers is thoughtfully trained in our philosophy and methodologies. We are ready to take care of your children, guide them through the day and accompany them on the journey of learning Spanish, understanding the culture, and confidently discovering their voice and skills.