EDS Camps

Immersion. Creativity. Fun. 


EDS Spanish Camps are a great way for children to strengthen their language skills.


It is an effective complement to add to the child’s regular weekly classes.


Children learn and practice Spanish through immersive experiences:

  • Core language academics

  • Our signature Cooking Classes

  • Hands-on Arts & Crafts

  • Outdoor Play!



Early Bird

From Jan. 30th - Feb. 10th

10% off



Being immersed in Spanish for the day supports the child’s comfort with the language


They make connections and develop the skills to understand and use the language in context. 

The core of our teaching is academic. We add to the immersion the academic component that is fundamental to learning Spanish in an accurate way. 

& Crafts

Pavo watercolor Thanksgiving.jpg

Creative Projects are great to get a practical experience connected to the language.

It helps stimulate parts of the brain related to memorization.


As kids explore the art form, we embed the lesson into the activity so the students practice and learn in a practical seamless way.


Winter Camp Cooking Reindeer pic adjusted.jpg

Kids love this hands-on way to learn and practice new vocabulary and verbs. 


Following a step-by-step recipe in Spanish, allows us to work on different parts of the language: vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and writing.

Plus, it’s the kids' all-time favorite!




EDS Academy is located a few blocks away from the beach.

We use it as a natural playground


where children get to play and exercise outdoors, enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather year-round.


Winter Camp

Snowy crafts, delicious recipes, and the Sand Dunes at the beach!

Dec. 20-24

Dec. 27- 31

Jan. 3-7


Holiday Camps

A great way to make the best out of the day when school is not in session.

1/17 - Dr. Martin Luther King

2/21 - Presidents' Day

3/28 - Cesar E. Chavez

5/30 - Memorial Day


Spring Camp

We hold camps to cover the dates of the different schools

-Districts & Private-.

March 28-April 1

April 4-8

April 11-15

April 18-22


Summer Camp

Mornings at the Beach, afternoons of Creative projects. The last part of the day is dedicated to Academics.

Starts June 14, 2022