Spanish After-School

Award-winning Quality After-school Program

Speaking Spanish is a LIFE SKILL. In Southern California, it is a must!

2019 Best of Venice Award 

Quality After School Program

DUE TO COVID-19 our in-person programs have been adjusted, please contact us to confirm availability and logistics. 

EDS My Classroom specializes in after-school classes and tutoring, from enrichment to native speakers, we serve schools providing classes on-campus and at our location.

Learning a second language has so many cognitive and social benefits. Research has proved it over the years, it helps develop critical and creative thinking which translates to all other areas of learning (like math or reading/writing in the first language).


At EDS students enjoy exploring and learning. They develop a strong foundation and confident speaking, reading and writing skills.  Classes are designed for each group, adjusted to age, likes, and group dynamics. Each session follows a structure, and incorporates some of the following elements: songs & movement, videos, short stories, books and magazines, and cultural background.


For students with little or no previous exposure to the language.

GOAL. Students recognize and use daily use vocabulary, phrases, and verbs. They get familiar with Spanish phonics, and develop accurate pronunciation. They can read and write words and basic sentences. 


For students with previous exposure to the language.

GOAL. Students have structured conversations and interact with each other in Spanish, using vocabulary, verbs and adjectives. They can read and write sentences.


For students who understand and speak the language (children with native speaker parents or consistent previous exposure).

GOAL. Students consolidate their oral proficiency, as they build their grammar knowledge and written skills.

Native Speakers + Immersion Students

For native speakers and immersion students looking to consolidate their proficiency.

GOAL. Students consolidate their grammar knowledge and expertise, as well as their reading, writing and oral skills, at a bilingual level.


provides on-campus classes to these schools



Broadway Elementary

Grand View Elementary


Coeur D'Alene Elementary

Braddock Gifted Magnet 

Walgrove Elementary

Wish Charter School


Mark Twain Middle School

​(310) 351 6171

337 Washington Blvd #3, Venice CA 90292