Sunday Pancakes. Cooking with your child in Spanish!

Parents always ask us about ways to practice Spanish at home.

Often, this is what you want to know:

  • What are the best activities to practice Spanish at home?

  • Are there any games that we can all play, adults and children of different ages?

  • What if my accent is not good, how can I still teach my child?

Whether it is a Spanish-speaking household or nobody speaks it natively, here is an activity that brings everyone together.

It is fun.

It is yummy.

And it is useful for any level of Spanish.

It provides an excellent opportunity to learn new words, practice Spanish key language skills:

  • comprehension

  • vocabulary

  • spelling

  • and writing

Cooking with your child... in Spanish!

Step 1. Watch the video + write down the ingredients

Step 2. Prepare the ingredients, saying them in Spanish

Step 3. Cook following along the video


  • Slow down the video's speed to better understand the instructions.

  • Add CC (Close Captions) to read the Spanish words on the screen

  • You will need to find the measurements conversion. In this recipe, recorded by a Spaniard they use the metric system (1 cup = 236 mililiters).

You can repeat this activity with any Spanish recipe you would like to try. Always follow the 3 steps, and adjust to the language skills of your family.

Enjoy! Buen apetito!

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