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We are launching this space to share information about educating multilingual children.

Blogging about Education

After many years teaching languages and designing programs in Los Angeles, California, we wanted to take a moment to connect with families and share information, research, and tips on this fascinating journey.

Featuring EDS Families

We will have a special monthly article featuring EDS families who attend the program. One of our old-time moms and NPR journalist, Mandalit del Barco, meets with each family and writes the piece. Her daughter Amaya has been in our program since 2016.

Our first EDS Families Article will feature Mandalit's piece about the Rivera's Family.

Rachael and Javier parents of 2 lovely children Jasper (7) and Mateo (4) talk about their journey of raising bilingual kids while keeping a mostly-English speaking household with Latino roots.

Jasper (7) is a great sister! She reads to her little brother Mateo (4) with her beautiful Spanish

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Manager & Director of Education

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