Family Tutoring. The New Outdoor Pod

We are a month into the new school year, and we seem to be now used to the “new normal”.

Although at EDS My Classroom, we have been doing Family tutoring for many years now, we have seen an increase in the number of families who are now asking for Spanish classes for parents and children to learn together.

Quality Time + Efficient Learning

It is a great way to get quality time with your children, and an effective way for everybody to learn.

We have our tricks, of course. A 6-year-old and an adult don’t learn the same way, but we have cross-age activities that are fun and actually really effective for everyone. With our methodology, both parents and children learn and LOVE it.

Children learn by imitation. Through this kind of class, they understand that learning a language is important and worth it. When they see their parents making mistakes, they will also see that it is ok. Parents use their skills to help the little ones, and children bring their innate enthusiasm and joy for learning.

EDS My Classroom Spanish Family Tutoring has multiple benefits in many areas, and most and foremost, it is fun!

Spanish & Cooking

Food has this warm quality that brings us together.

Family Tutoring with cooking class to try Spanish delights at home!
Spanish tapas, ceviche, gazpacho

EDS My Classroom family tutoring somehow used to become cooking fiestas.

Before the pandemic, our Family Tutoring classes brought a great opportunity to explore recipes while we practiced the language. Our cooking classes have always been effective in our camps.

Children love this experiential learning style, and it is even more fun with the parents involved.

Note. We keep our reservations regarding the cooking classes due to COVID. We hope to be able to add cooking to our classes soon, when it is safe for all.

From everyday Zoom to not entering the school

The Zoom experience was different for everyone. Most children didn’t like it, although some responded really well to distance learning. The parents' involvement also changed depending on everyone’s schedules, working from home situation, etc.

Last week, after a beautiful afternoon class in their backyard, a mom was explaining how this year feels especially different. It wasn’t because of the masks, the weekly testing or the occasional quarantining. Last year, she sat with her daughter during her whole Kinder year. Day after day, class after class. And helped her with homework. She knew all of her classmates, and the teacher very well. She knew in detail everything her daughter was learning.

This year, without being able to even enter the campus, is very different in regards to her connection to her child’s education.

EDS My Classroom Family Tutoring helps with this.

During our Spanish Family Tutoring class, this loving mom got to play with her daughters, learn the new words, and practice through the games we did. She was also there to help them with their pronunciation and completing the assignment we were doing.

It was a natural way of spending learning time together.

California, Outdoors, and Protocols

Now more than ever, we feel lucky to live in Southern California, where the sun is shining year-round.

The outdoors gives us peace of mind, as it is the safest environment to prevent any potential spread of the virus.

At EDS MyClassroom we apply our COVID protocol regarding washing hands, social distancing, masks, regarding our teaching supplies, and the teacher’s requirements for vaccination and testing.


As we navigate this changing environment, it seems we are getting used to adapting to changes more quickly.

The “new normal” for schoolers and parents are closed campuses for adults and no virtual learning at home.

Parents who want to learn Spanish, and want their children to improve as well, take this opportunity to have Family Tutoring classes. These are fun and effective for everyone, it helps both adults and children learn.

What has the new school year changed for you and your family?

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