A Star Collaboration, NPR Mandalit del Barco

Mandalit del Barco is a renowned journalist and bilingual mom. Her daughter Amaya, who is now 10-years old, started attending our Spanish classes when she was only 4.

"As an arts correspondent based at NPR West, Mandalit del Barco reports and produces stories about film, television, music, visual arts, dance and other topics. Over the years, she has also covered everything from street gangs to Hollywood, Latino arts and urban street culture. Every year, she covers the Oscars and the Grammy awards for NPR, as well as the Sundance Film Festival and other events."

She is now getting ready to travel to Japan in July 2021, to cover the Summer Olympics.

You may read more about Mandalit at NPR's webpage

and listen to one of her radio pieces here:

< Latinx Authors Celebrate Children's Literature In Virtual Festival

What started as a piece on bilingual education in Los Angeles, ended up be becoming this on-going collaboration, where each month a family will be featured in our blog.

As soon as Mandalit interviewed the first two families, she became fascinated by their stories. There was so much to say, she wanted to write more about each one.

Having such professional working to tell our families stories is a privilege for us. Seeing her in action, when interviewing the families has been mesmerizing. She has this natural gift that makes everyone want to share with her their thoughts and feelings, with such ease.

We can't wait for you to read her take!

Muchas gracias, Mandalit!

Ana Garate

EDS My Classroom

Manager & Director of Education

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