After-school Safety. Back on-campus in pandemic times

We are excited to be back to offering in-person programs. We are applying our safety measures and protocols to protect families and staff and to keep all safe.

A Crafted System

During the pandemic, we crafted our safety measures to detail with the in-person programs we offered, following the changing official guidelines and learning from our day-to-day experience with children.

Testing, trying and tweaking every protocol. Especially the ones for children identifying where they need the most support to actually be able to follow them in a safe and efficient way. As an example, our experience showed that kids need close monitoring when washing their hands and using the masks correctly.

We are now bringing this expertise to schools with our on-campus team.

Our teachers and administration are used to studying and applying all the necessary measures to maintain a safe environment that protects everyone. This is why we are maintaining all the in-person protocols we have been implemented at EDS Academy, and have created new ones for the schools we partner with.

At our program back on-campus at schools, we have new measures that are working especially well.

Weekly COVID Test, the new norm

Each school district is working a bit differently regarding the requirements for teachers, but they all have some key points in common.

All of our teachers are vaccinated and now take a weekly test as well.

As community partners for LAUSD, we are able to use their COVID test network and get the test at their site. This makes it easy and smooth for our staff to enter the schools’ premises.

Supplies Bag 2.0

Our teachers used to carry a bag with their academic supplies to teach the class. Now we have added to this, a special “COVID bag” with PPE supplies.

We wipe all surfaces before we use them, we have children washing their hands and using hand sanitizer, and have a protocol for the use and disinfecting of supplies.

Outdoors Teaching

Many schools are asking to teach our classes outdoors. We are using beautiful areas and now teach our Spanish lesson under the trees. A great opportunity to play games with plenty of space to move and practice social distancing!


At EDS My Classroom, we all feel ecstatic to be back to teaching your talented children in -person and at the convenience of providing the class at your school campus.

It's been great to see how this year prepared us to take on all the new procedures seamlessly as we updated our systems. We have crafted and created measures during the pandemic that now serves us as we implement them on campus.

Our experience with children during the pandemic has also been key as we know how to best help them stay safe.

We ensure that the time the children attend our classes, every measure is kept as tight as possible, and we feel confident that they can take their class in the safest mode.

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