Little Ones

Educating Bilingual Children

Learning a second language at a young age gives children the opportunity to become truly bilingual.


At our program, they develop their language, as well as their cognitive, social, and motor skills.



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Language immersion at an early age, allows children to learn the language with the same accuracy as the mother tongue. They develop accurate pronunciation and establish a strong language foundation to become bilingual.

Early Literacy
& Math

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Children learn how to read and spell in Spanish. This gives them a strong base and elements to develop their Spanish fluency.

Children learn mathematical concepts and develop logical and reasoning skills. 


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Through games and movement, we support the healthy development of the children's gross motor skills

Kids start making their first social interactions and friendships. They learn how to express themselves, how to be in a group, and relate to others.


We support them in key elements of their socialization, like “sharing”, listening, and taking turns.