Spanish & Care

Play, learn, grow, and... habla español!

Children THRIVE with us as they discover the love for learning

and develop their Bilingualism


Learning a second language at a young age gives children the opportunity to become bilingual – fluent speakers, readers, and writers -. With us, they develop their language, as well as their

cognitive, social and motor skills.

We offer flexible schedules to accommodate weekly attendance and daily drop-ins.

AGES  1.5-5 years











Cognitive skills + Language Acquisition

A progressive work allows students to integrate phonics, fundamental vocabulary, and phrases and set a strong foundation to develop their Spanish fluency and academic skills.


Fine motor SkillsCreative Thinking

Students practice healthy eating habits and learn food Vocabulary and Expressions.

All in Spanish!



Strength + Coordination + Balance

Through project-based learning, students practice Spanish - painting, collage, story-telling, puppets, etc. Kids love moving, and we help them develop physically by dancing, stretching, and playing movement games. We use popular songs, yoga, and props to make it original, fun, and appealing.​



Heritage + belonging

Driven by their curiosity and innate talents and guided by our qualified teachers, children explore Hispanic culture and open a new window to the world. We nurture and motivate them to explore and share the language with their peers. In our multilingual community of families, we work with you to help your child be a proud Spanish speaker.


Collaboration + Self-Image

Kids start making their first social interactions and friendship. They learn how to express themselves, be in a group and relate to others. We help them practice communication, conflict resolution, creative thinking, and respect.

DUE TO COVID-19 our in-person programs have been adjusted, please contact us to confirm availability and logistics. 

​(310) 351 6171

337 Washington Blvd #3, Venice CA 90292