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EDS Method stimulates the memorization and ability to use the language.

Students get the language tools they need to progress in a practical and accurate way to advance in their bilingualism.

As a licensed program to work with local schools, our connection to families and students has nurtured our model and curriculum.

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Across our programs


Academic + Creative

High-Achieving Curriculum


Licensed Program for Schools

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EDS Method
Academic + Creative

EDS Method works.

Learning Spanish can be academic and fun. Students need to get  and we need to provide the tools effective.

We use two elements:

  • A core academic curriculum to make a strong language foundation.

  • Creative activities to learn in an experiential way.

Students will develop their skills to:​

  • Have a conversation

  • Fluently read passages

  • Accurately write and spell

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How we apply them.

A class is taught in full immersion when the teacher speaks 100% in Spanish. In our experience, this immersion model works best when the child spends a meaningful amount of time immersed.


In our method, classes are 60-95% immersionWe increment the % of Spanish used as the level and length of the class increases (advanced level and camps).

We always keep a 5% SAFETY English for protocols and other important matters.



Quality Work. Goals Met.

These will benefit them in other areas of their academic and personal life.

Our curriculum emphasis:

  • Detailed work

  • Quality and neatness

  • Problem resolution

Preschool Class

Teachers with
Higher Education

Qualified, Trained, supervised.

EDS Teachers have completed higher education degrees, some have double degrees.


We follow a 3-step training in our Method.

Our teachers work during the year at our schools’ and tutoring programs, and during the holidays at our camps.


This makes them knowledgeable of our methodology, and the academic work performed. Children like to find familiar faces in our different programs.

Safety Protocol

  • For the safety of students, families, and staff, we implement a strict COVID protocol.

  • Requirements from the CDC, Department of Health, and LA County.

  • EDS COVID protocol is enforced across all of our in-person programs.

Masks required

Washing Hands

Teachers Vaccinated

+ weekly Negative test

Physical distancing 


+ Temperature Check

Surfaces and Supplies disinfected



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