EDS MY CLASSROOM is a Spanish Academy. We offer programs to help students become bilingual.

Becoming bilingual is a process that requires consistency. Our classes support the student to advance in their literacy skills and ability to communicate.


We work with children and adults.


We pay close attention to the language levels from beginners to bilingual students. The objective for beginners is to quickly be comfortable with the language, and soon start using the vocabulary learned. For advanced students, we ensure the consolidation of their speaking and writing proficiency. Younger kids learn through songs and games to quickly identify new vocabulary in their daily life. As they get older, our students incorporate academic pillars, grammar concepts, and syntax, while still having fun.



Our goal is for your child to be motivated, and consistently developing his or her skills. We provide a creative environment to spark their interest. We make arts&crafts, we dance, we sing... This keeps kids engaged and stimulates their learning on many different levels. And it is so much fun!

In educating whole human beings, the socio-emotional piece is key.  We help develop critical thinking, the ability to work in groups, and resolve conflicts. Self-awareness, respect, and confidence as the stepping stones to becoming successful adults who will positively contribute to their communities and the world.


Official Statement, May 2021

Thank you to all of the families who trust and support the program, and value the educational work that we have done over the years. We feel happy and proud to be a part of your children's educational journey.


EDS My Classroom has had some controversy this year. We are releasing an official statement to clarify the issues publicly exposed online. Please click here to read.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email at info@edsmyclassroom.com or call us directly at (310) 351 6171.