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for a language that you can use

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Camps, Classes, Tutoring

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Bilingual Education Experts

& Dual-language Programs

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Elementary & middle schools

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Our program delivered in schools in Los Angeles.

Group Classes +

One-on-one Tutoring

Winter. Spring. Summer

+ All Single-Day Holidays 

Be the Spanish speaker you want to be.

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Language Success Consultation

Based on your story and your expectations, we put our experience to your service and will give you the tools for your child to successfully learn Spanish.

Your Story

We help you find the answers your need.

We look forward to meeting you!


that you can start using that same day


Based on the level and goals of the student

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Safety Protocol

We implement an adjusted COVID protocol in all of our in-person classes.


We update the protocol following the latest data on LA's covid situation and the guidelines from the CDC, Department of Health, and School Districts.

Mom of 9 year-old

Virtual tutoring (Spanish) + After-school

We are always amazed when EDS teachers speak to our son in Spanish how much he comprehends and can respond just from a weekly class.

Mom of 11 year-old

Camps + Tutoring (academics)

Our son has been working with EDS since Kindergarten (he is now entering 5th). He has taken classes, tutoring, and camps.


EDS has become a cornerstone for our family

Mom of 6 year-old


My kid improved her Spanish fluency after just a couple of sessions.


Also, their support to families during the pandemia was extraordinary.